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Re: Replace default SSH with pkgsrc version

In article <>,
Eric Haszlakiewicz  <> wrote:
>On December 8, 2015 10:15:41 AM EST, Andy Ruhl <> wrote:
>>On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 5:32 AM,
>><> wrote:
>>> Apologies for what may be a n00b question...
>>> I familiar with using pkgsrc to build the latest and greatest OpenSSH
>>> then installing it, but this obviously doesn't overwrite the existing
>>> package that comes with the build.
>>> How can I remove the default package and instruct the system to use
>>the one
>>> I've built from pkgsrc?
>>NetBSD, and the other BSDs (that I'm aware of) don't use a package
>>manager for the base software. So you aren't removing the base ssh
>>software (which is openssh), you're just not starting it at boot time.
>Which is a great way to run into problems.  Even if you need to manually
>do so, if you're using ssh from pkgsrc I highly suggest removing the
>base ssh binaries.
>I ran into issues like this before (with pkg_add, etc...) and it can
>lead to unexpected behavior when you inevitably end up running the wrong

And if you want to downgrade your openssh with the one from pkgsrc, feel
free to. You lose all the integration with NetBSD (blacklistd, hpn, etc.)
just to get the latest and the greatest which is in both cases 7.1...


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