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Re: NetBSD 6.1 NFS server performances

On Thu, 3 Dec 2015, Michael van Elst wrote:

reading with rsize=64k: ~ 90MB/s
reading with rsize=32k: ~ 60MB/s
writing with wsize=64k: ~ 40MB/s
writing with wsize=32k: ~ 30MB/s

Well, I have similar results except I get better performances while
reading/writing with {r,w}size=32k instead of 64, about +20MB/s

The disk itself gets 110MB/s reading and 90MB/s writing locally
on the NFS server.

I naively thought that with a 200MB/s write average I would top wire-speed with
NFS (which I do using dd|nc / nc>file)

Writing via NFS is always slower because even with NFS3 it's
partially synchronous.

Understood. Thanks again for your feedback!

Emile `iMil' Heitor * <imil@{,,}>
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