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Re: Dbus issues

Good day,

First of all, I try to get GNOME 2 to work solely for
fun. Just because it's offered. I have a 
(precisely) working Xfce desktop on another installation.

Second, I dislike dbus as much as you do.
We usually compare it to systemd, because
most of desktop packages depend on it, but it
is useless pretty much all the time.
And what's even worse, dbus starting from Debian Jessie,
now depends on systemd, well, that's another issue.

Third, there is no dbus script, and as I said,
I've made my own, something copied from Linux From
Scratch book. Point me, if there is a startup dbus script
somewhere but I have 10 binaries with dbus name
in /usr/pkg/bin and that's all.

Fourth, login and shutdown issues are likely
to be ConsoleKit/PolicyKit issues. In Slackware,
for example, there is a consolekit script in rc.d.
In my Devuan installation we had to make
a couple of configuration files for polkit.

Fifth, I wouldn't say GNOME2 is something really big,
comparing to GNOME3 and KDE3/4/5, but sure
it's cumbersome comparing to window managers.

And the last thing, GNOME2 here works fine, with a couple
of metacity issues, and that shutdown/reboot
issue that I've already mentioned.


PS Why does it take around
twelve hours to get my emails delivered?

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