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DSL/PPPoE reconnect

Hi all,

i have a problem with the automatic reconnect on PPPoE.
I have a raspberry setup as router, and following the
instructions I still have the problem that the PPPoE
link won't reestablish after the other side drops it after 24h.

I even took the configuration files from an older
NetBSD installation where this used to work,
and those don't work with this kernel either
(the initial connect works, but after the
other side drops it doesn't reconnect).

Problem: Due to that I'm currently locked out and
can't look at the logs or exact kernel version.

Is there any problem known with that code?
I had to compile the kernel myself to get
pppoe and ipnat into the kernel.

- Andreas

PS: I hope I hit the right address for the list
- fails to
mention the actual email address for mailing list
input (or I failed to see them).

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