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Re: Chatty drivers

Hi Louis,

It looks like that driver is using printf to print those messages out:

You could hack the defines for a quick/dirty fix, but it seems this driver should be updated in line with this project:

I don't have that hardware so I can't test but, I'd be willing to replace the printf's with aprint's or log's for that driver and send you a kernel if you'd be willing to test it out. If it works out for you maybe we can send a PR with the patch.

Travis Paul

On 11/9/15 11:06 AM, Louis Guillaume wrote:
Is there a sysctl or some such thing to make a particular driver less

I have a twa card with a battery that needs replacing and it won't shut
up about it. I'd like to turn off the messages for this driver until I
can do maintenance and get the replacement in place. These are the
messages I'm getting...

# dmesg | awk /Battery/ | sort -u
  AEN 0x0055: INFO: Battery charging started:
twa1: AEN 0x0055: INFO: Battery charging started:
twa1: AEN 0x0056: INFO: Battery charging completed:
twa1: AEN 0x0057: ERROR: Battery charging fault:

... It'd be nice to quiet the "INFO" ones.


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