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Re: xdm prevents me from shutting the system down clean

On 11/04/15 11:04, Paul Goyette wrote:
Really?  Kewl!  I had no idea that I had fixed that! I was just trying
to get rid of the zombie-that-would-not-die problem!


[bah, top posting :)]

On Wed, 4 Nov 2015, Nick Hudson wrote:

On 11/04/15 10:55, Paul Goyette wrote:
I used to get this, too.  But the problem seems to have disappeared,
at least on recent (last 30 days or so) -current kernels (within the
last 30 days or so).

I don't know of any specific commit that would have fixed this, but
if someone can narrow it down it would be nice to get it pulled up
to netbsd-7 branch before we ship 7.1  :)

I think your fixes to kern_{exit,exec,sig}.c help here.

See "think" :)


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