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Re: xdm prevents me from shutting the system down clean

I used to get this, too.  But the problem seems to have disappeared,
at least on recent (last 30 days or so) -current kernels (within the
last 30 days or so).

I don't know of any specific commit that would have fixed this, but
if someone can narrow it down it would be nice to get it pulled up
to netbsd-7 branch before we ship 7.1  :)

On Wed, 4 Nov 2015, Ottavio Caruso wrote:


I've been using 7.0-rc3 on amd64 for a few months. I haven't bothered
upgrading 7.0 proper so far. I am using native x11.

The only way I can shutdown the system clean is to open a virtual
console, log in as root, kill xdm manually and then issue the poweroff

Not your usual user friendly set up, is it?

In all other cases, whether by pressing the power button or issuing
"sudo poweroff" or "sudo shutdown -h now",  the system hangs forever.

When I enable debugging messages, I see that it is repeatedly try to
kill a pid that is associated with xdm.

Where would I start debugging this issue?


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