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Re: kern/50187: iwn0: frequency and channel mismatch


   iwn(4) can handle 5GHz channel by this patch.
   However, channel probably needs to be set manually.

   Please try it.


I tried iwn patch on a NetBSD 6.1.5 build from source pulled on September
9th, 2015 and was able to get 5ghz channels working.  Initially
wpa_supplicant would not associate with the AP, but as part of the test I
set the channel and sometimes the media and was able to get wpa_supplicant
to associate with a 802.11a AP.  Plain old ifconfig by itself without any
encryption also worked with 802.11a.  After that I was able to unset the
channel settings and the media type and wpa_supplicant still associated.
I will know tomorrow what happens on a cold boot.  I did not try 802.11n
as 'ifconfig -m' claims that it isn't supported, however "wpa_cli
scan_results" shows off the 802.11n SSIDs and I am pretty sure that the
hardware I have can do 802.11n too.

I noticed that a pull up request for NetBSD 7 was made, I would also
request it for NetBSD 6, if possible.

Thanks for the patch,

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS  - & - [IPv6 only]

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