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Howto stream audio from server to local client?

Hi List,
there is one thing I like to do on a local network.

On my server I have a good collection of mp3 files. I use to play them
via mpc/ncmpc and the output comes from a soundcard what is installed in
the server. Very conventional. All works.

I would like to stream these mp3 files to local clients, i.e my laptop.
On the laptop there would be something like xmms what allows to play
streams via URL or just an ip-number. Like for web-radio, you know.

What is a lean method to feed /dev/audio into a stream what I can listen
via laptop or other clients on my local network?

I found the package audio/icecast - but it rather looks like a full
radio station software. Is there some simple solution too? Like some
driver where I can use instead of /dev/audio something like
/dev/audionetstream or whatsever?

Any ideas? Experiences?

herb langhans

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