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Re: old partition table, old filesystems and old scsi agent

On Fri, 18 Sep 2015 02:00:42 +0430
Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh <> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Because netbsd can support many arch, I decide to do this project with
> netbsd.I have a disk about 1985 and it's work under a special machine,
> I have to get mount from this disk.
> I need to list old partition tables and old fs to put into netbsd
> kernel. How can I provide them?
> BTW, I have an iso from that,(with dd) , output of fdisk is :
> ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> # /sbin/fdisk /home/mohsen/all_of_disk.iso
> fdisk: primary partition table invalid, no magic in sector 0
> fdisk: Cannot determine the number of heads

Try this:

vnconfig -r /dev/vnd0 all_of_disk.iso
fdisk /dev/vnd0d
disklabel /dev/vnd0

But beware, a disk from 1985 that has been running in a custom
machine may very well have neither a PC-style partition table
nor a BSD disklabel.


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