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more on samba4

Hi all, I just installed samba version 4 on netbsd (binary packages), I configured everything as explained, but I noticed there is no samba binary in /usr/pkg/sbin as per documentation, only smbd, nmbd and winbindd there. At the end of the instalation with pkg_add, a text appears telling me to run "/etc/rc.d/samba start" for a domain controller and the other 3 daemons for any other type of configuration (properly defined in /etc/rc.conf of course). But the samba daemon seems not to be present anywhere. Is there anyone using samba 4 in netbsd? I just noticed there is a /etc/rc.d/samba script, but reading inside it, the script mentions the samba non-existent daemon and so does all netbsd related documentation I have found. So, was samba 4 compiled with domain controller functionality disabled in netbsd for some reason?
thanks in advance

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