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bta2dpd - a2dp advanced audio distribution profile bluetooth daemon


Call for testers of my new daemon with help from Iain Hibbert.

It allows you to stream music or pad(4) output to bluetooth stereo headphones 
or speakers using the advanced audio distribution profile (a2dp).

This program is alpha ware and will work on NetBSD-current, 7 and 6.

To compile:
extract the archive from

change to the extracted directory and make(1).
$cd bta2dp-bsd-v46

pair up your bluetooth headphones/speakers:
#btpin -P .... -a bluetooth-device-address

And your ready to go...

To use this deamon requires 44100Hz stereo signed 16 bit little endian wav 
files or the pad(4) device.

$./bta2dpd -a bluetooth-device-address my.wav
$./bta2dpd -a bluetooth-device-address /dev/pad0

Most of the options change the way audio is encoded and are not necessary 
however if you have skipping audio or no audio try the following:

./bta2dpd -a bluetooth-device-address -M 300 my.wav
./bta2dpd -a bluetooth-device-address -M 300 -B 36 my.wav

The -M option limits the maximum amount of data sent to the bluetooth device 
per transaction, if you still have problems try an MTU of 700 (-M 700) and 
work your way down by hundreds.

The -B option limits the bitpool value used for encoding the stream and 
although the daemon calculates the bitpool value it might not work in all 

Best regards,


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