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Re: netbsd as domain controller

On September 7, 2015 9:15:29 AM EDT, Ezequiel Reyes Aragon <> wrote:
>Can anyone direct me to useful information on configuring NetBSD has a 
>domain controller for Windows based networks? I have searched in the
>and archives for this topics but have found no definite information. Is
>there anyone using samba4 for this with NetBSD. I think it has not been
>ported and compiled for binary packages yet.

Samba 4 *has* been ported and is in pkgsrc ( but there doesn't appear to be a binary package available for some reason.
If you've got the time to spend waiting for it, you can always try building it within pkgsrc yourself. I'm sure if you run into trouble we'll be able to help.
As for using samba 4 as a domain controller once you have it installed, that's probably more of a question for a samba list, since it's unlikely to be NetBSD specific.


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