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Re: Permissions to access the scanner


Thanks for the help

Xsane is running now, after changing permissions of the "wheel" group of this devices:

netbsd1# chmod g=rw /dev/ugen0*

netbsd1# chmod g=rw /dev/usb[0-7]

Best regards
Freddy Fisker

On 22 August 2015, Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:

On Sat, 22 Aug 2015, wrote:

I can only detect the Epson Perfection 2480 scanner as root:

netbsd1$ scanimage -T
scanimage: no SANE devices found

netbsd1# scanimage -T
[snapscan] Scanner warming up - waiting 4 seconds.


Can someone help to access the scanner as normal user?

Sometimes I use ktrace to run a program to see what devices it is using.
Try that. Then look at the owner/group and permission of the device
files and your own groups.

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