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Re: Works fine Dell R320/ Dell R420 with NetBSD?

On Oct 10, 2014, at 18:56 , Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia <> wrote:
> Does NetwBSD work fine with these two servers: Dell R320 and Dell R420?
> The would have a PERC H310 RAID card for the two internal disks.

We don't have any R320, but I have tested NetBSD on R710, R610 and R310 and the latter (with the same raid controller you suggested) works without any quirks from at least NetBSD 5.0 -> 

The R610 broadcom/intel quad card we use could in some cases lock up the system:
(This doesn't have to be specific to the R610…)

I had to change a heat sensor default on the R710:

This is old PR related to R310 with a simpler controller:
I don't think it's fixed yet, but the R310 running NetBSD 7.0_BETA doesn't seem to have the horrible disk slowness compared to the situation before. I should probably revisit this PR…


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