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Re: pf and rpi

On October 7, 2014 11:01:45 AM EDT, Zoran Kolic <> wrote:
>> Why are you trying to change the security
>> level to -1?  If you want to load a kernel module, you need simply to
>> so before the system is running at securelevel 1 during the boot
>I was wondering if it was possible to just load the module
>and pfctl/npfctl latter. With help on port-arm, there might
>be a solution, adding a file in /etc/rc.d and enabling it in
>/etc/rc.conf with "modload=YES". It might look like this:
>I'm pretty much puzzled if wrong rc.d file could block boot
>process and brick the node. All this for a reason pf is old
>version, of which I do not recall proper syntax, compared to
>current. Never used npf and feel reluctant to load configuration
>on remote node, without safe net. First npfctl with addition
>to reboot without firewall.
>Best regards

If you want to keep the securelevel at 0 so you can load modules by hand after the boot finishes, add securelevel=0 to /etc/rc.conf


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