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Re: Reliable way to run emulated Linux under NetBSD

On 17. August 2014 13:08:42 MESZ, Kamil Rytarowski <> 
>Thank you for all your comments. I was still trying to use qemu and
>I've succeed to install Slackware64 14.1.


i'm ne to this thread, so i'm hopee i'm not producing doublettes here.

a very reliable and performant way to run linux "under" NetBSD is xen. With 
NetBSD XEN it is possible to paravirtualize Linux what is in most cases much 
more efficient and performant then full hardware virt with qemu (what xen even 
provides) or other full hardware virtualizers.

Xen even allows to provide full access to a PCI device from a "guest" (domU) if 
the host hardware provides virtualisation features.

hth a little
good luck,

Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT&Internet

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