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Reliable way to run emulated Linux under NetBSD

I'm looking for a reliable and flawless way to run emulated Linux (GNU/Linux 
distribution under some tool). I'm using i386 and amd64.
I was trying to use qemu (from pkgsrc) for this purpose... but I can't progress 
farther than grub boot menu. When a system is supposed to boot all I get is a 
black screen and 100% CPU usage. I was trying to use a few of popular desktop / 
livecd Linux distributions (from downloaded .iso).
I don't want to dual-boot or get a dedicated physical machine.

Last time I checked XEN, I had fatal issues with X Window under dom0, but it's 
another issue.

Do you run GNU/Linux under your NetBSD? If so how? What's your .iso? What's 
your qemu command?

Running GNU/Linux will ease me to port pieces of software to NetBSD.


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