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Source tarballs corresponding to CVS netbsd-6-1 branch?

Hello, NetBSD Users.

What source tarballs on the FTP server should I download as a starting
point for the CVS netbsd-6-1 branch (i.e. the security/critical
maintenance branch) to avoid doing an initial full checkout from CVS?

(I would then do a "cvs update -Pd" to ensure I've got the latest
changes for that branch.)

Here's my understanding of what's on the FTP server:

  NetBSD-6.1/source/sets      Snapshot at time of 6.1 release
  NetBSD-6.1.4/source/sets    Snapshot at time of 6.1.4 release
  NetBSD-release-6/tar_files  Tri-weekly snapshot of CVS netbsd-6 branch

So, there are no tri-weekly snapshot source tarballs of the CVS
netbsd-6-1 branch, correct?

If correct, what source tarballs should I start with?  Should I start
with the latest security/critical release (a.k.a. teeny release), for
example, NetBSD-6.1.4/source/sets, and then do "cvs update -r netbsd-6-1



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