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Re: tmux messes up my backspace character

Rhialto <> wrote:
 |It seems that tmux translates the erase character, but it should not do
 |In my xterms I have set the option "Backarrow key" which causes the key
 |labeled "backspace" to generate an actual backspace (control-H)
 |character. Correspondingly, I have set "stty erase ^H".
 |Inside tmux, if I hit Backspace, I get a DEL character (^?). And somehow
 |it has set "stty erase ^?" as well. So apparently it translates the
 |external erase character to an internal one.
 |All is good and well, but this means I can't type ^H any more! And there
 |are several programs where I would want that, such as mutt and vim.
 |The manual doesn't contain the word "erase"... is there any less obvious
 |way to stop tmux doing this annoying thing? I simply want my internal
 |erase character the same as the external one, and no messing about with
 |translating backspace.

Can't you simply `bind-key' over that?
But i'm out of ideas if not; i switched back to screen(1) due to
it's charset conversion capabilities (i'm still using ISO-8859-x
on all BSD VMs), requires significantly less CPU time and after
a week of work with full history (42000) it's ~50 MB, which is
a 40% of tmux.  All that matters to me.  And i guess your problem
could be easily fixed with it's `term*' commands.


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