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Re: UTF-8 locale support

В Fri, 15 Aug 2014 03:44:17 +0400
Dima Veselov <> пишет:

> My linux rxvt-unicode terminal (working locally as expected) with ssh
> to NetBSD box show:
> [kab00m@gloria ~]$ locale
> LANG="ru_RU.UTF-8"
> LC_CTYPE="ru_RU.UTF-8"
> This cause cyrillic filenamse being shown good, but I cannot access
> it, because shell print hex code (f.e. \:\262\321\320) instead of
> letters. Bash is 4.3.0(1) out of the box. (By the way
> says it will work out of the box)
> Two questions on that:
> Am I right and aliasing ru_RU.UTF-8 to en_US.UTF-8 make this that bad?
> If I am right - what I shall do to complete ru_RU.UTF-8 locale and
> have no problems in writing cyrillic filenames?

Dont' tried rxvt, but using xfce4-terminal I can operate with files on
NetBSD file server (with LC_ALL=ru_RU.utf-8 and ksh as shell
for user on it) using ssh. But with this combination there is some
issues, for example if I

$ touch тест

$ mv тест тес2          (here used tab for autocompletion and
backspace for deleting last letter "т")

$ ls

Looks like backspace can't handle two-byte coded symbols.

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