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UTF-8 locale support


My servers keep many files in cyrillic naming. Serving big user loads
it is hard to keep files in old encodings with outside world is already
living in UTF-8. Storing files not in UTF-8 cause some problems with Samba
and fatal problems with Linux & NFS, which don't have conversions at all.

So I feel there is time to move on UTF-8 on NetBSD too, and it seems
NetBSD 6 has ru_RU.UTF-8 support, however it is still is not complete.

Fresh installed 6.1.4 can store files in UTF-8. It also can share these
via SMB or NFS, but I can't make it work in shell.

As I see it has support only for LC_CTYPE and LC_MESSAGES via locale.alias
having no native ru_RU.UTF-8 support.

My linux rxvt-unicode terminal (working locally as expected) with ssh to 
NetBSD box show:

[kab00m@gloria ~]$ locale

This cause cyrillic filenamse being shown good, but I cannot access it,
because shell print hex code (f.e. \:\262\321\320) instead of letters.
Bash is 4.3.0(1) out of the box. (By the way
says it will work out of the box)

Two questions on that:

Am I right and aliasing ru_RU.UTF-8 to en_US.UTF-8 make this that bad?

If I am right - what I shall do to complete ru_RU.UTF-8 locale and have
no problems in writing cyrillic filenames?

Sincerelly yours

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