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Re: problem with mount_psshfs

Carsten Kunze <> writes:

> I'm using NetBSD 6.1.4 amd64 with qemu as a guest on Linux.  I access my 
> Linux home dir with
> mount_psshfs <user>@<IP>:/ /mnt/linux
> On Linux I have a dir with permission 700 owned by <user>.  If the
> same user (id) on NetBSD copies a file with permissions 400 into this
> Linux dir an empty file is created and error message "Operation not
> permitted" occurs.  No matter if -f is used for cp(1).  The only way
> to copy the file correctly is to give an existing Linux file write
> permissions or to create a Linux file with write permissions.  That
> does not make sense to me.  On local NetBSD filesystem everything
> works as expected.  Could there be a bug in mount_psshfs?  (I'm using
> ssh mounts since years on other systems and never noticed this.)

Yes, there definitely could be a bug.   But it's complicated because
there is mount_psshfs, and puffs, and the kernel VFS.

I would run ktrace on mount_psshfs, and after starting it do just the
operation you think should work.  Then see what system calls are used.

Wild guess: It could be that cp is using mmap.  I have no idea if
mount_psshfs implements mmap or how that works in puffs.  But ktrace
will tell you, and you can see which syscall failed, and then chase that

Presumably you have tried sshfs from something else to your linux
system.  You should also try psshfs from NetBSD to NetBSD.   I'm not
claiming  there isn't a NetBSD bug here, just that getting a tighter
characterization would be useful.

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