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cksum new parameters -q and -r

I've been porting a piece of software for personal usage from Linux and FreeBSD 
to NetBSD.

I was looking for a GNU md5sum equivalent that works like `cksum -q` in FreeBSD 
[1] and OpenBSD [2]
"-q Only print the checksum (quiet mode) or if used in conjunction with the -c 
flag, only print the failed cases."

From what I can see we miss it and we need to pipe a result of `md5` to a 
stream parser (sed, awk). This adds more burden in scripting languages that 
doesn't support piping.

FreeBSD and OpenBSD documentation expose that there is also one common 
command-line parameter -r:
"-r Reverse the format of the hash algorithm output, making it match the 
checksum output format.

Is it a good idea to add support for -q and -r in our tools and be compatible 
with FreeBSD and OpenBSD? There is also gmd5sum in pkgsrc, but it's some kind 
of overkill for this task.

Both parameters seem to be out of a POSIX/Unix standards scope.

I'm a volunteer to submit a patch.

With kind regards,


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