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Re: Import timeout(1) from FreeBSD


I've filed a problem-report (hopefully it won't be sorted out by spam-filters) 
with a proposed patches.

The former aims to import FreeBSD sources as they are, the latter to adapt 
timeout(1) for NetBSD.

Comments and tests are welcome... after midnight coding!

The patches are waiting for a sponsor to review and push them to the mainline 
for NetBSD-7.0.

If I'm not mistaken in the FreeBSD version there is a bug, it permits to use a 
signal out range -- this line is exposed with strtonum(3). We don't ship with 
strtonum(3), so I changed it to strtol(3) and assumed that sig_nsig is not a 
valid signal value.

strtonum(3) is an OpenBSD addition, available in FreeBSD and in GNU.

With kind regards,

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