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Re: Import timeout(1) from FreeBSD

In article 
Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:
>The FreeBSD team produced BSD-licensed timeout(1).
>Is it a good idea to import their result into our base trees?
>This tool will make my life easier, my use case is doing tests of a
>certain executable, grab results logs from a certain time (like 1-60
>sec) and then repeat N times. I was using subshells, transfering PID and
>then using the kill(1) command.
>Some utilities contain a timeout option, but it won't necessarily help
>if a process hangs.
>My goal is not to find a walk-around using chain of existing tools (so
>increasing burden in shell scripts), but make life easier taking this
>specialized tool.
>With regards.

LGTM... What do others think?


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