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Re: Click'n Format Install

On July 5, 2014 4:14:35 AM EDT, James Leone 
<> wrote:
>I was reading this thread: 
> and
>gave some thought about a framework in which to deliver NetBSD instant
>gratification to the masses.
>Click'n format could use cutting edge technologies like java script or
>active X to instantaneously dd  an ISO image to hard drive clicking on
>a link. The image should carry a light footprint such as to use minimal
>bandwith, so perhaps just a kernel, a shell without auto-completion
>bloat, VI and networking and lynx. The advanced version could save the
>users hard disk in the cloud, retrievable for a nominal fee within a
>few days.

You're thinking too small.  I bet if you get "cutting edge" enough you could 
skip the click step and fully automate the process, and don't forget to include 
all of the user's friends computers too.  I'm sure that if you streamline it 
enough noone will mind paying a fee to unlock their files.  ;)


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