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Re: Downloading NetBSD - Too complicated ?

Zafer Aydo??an wrote:
> Lucius, its not about installing, its about getting an image to install.
> That process is just too complicated and needs to be easier.

Heh. You do bring up a good point. I mean, I still ftp to NetBSD to
download images. When I have to do that, I find myself looking and
installing ncftp3/lftp. And by habit or use, I know where to look for
either the iso or pkgsrc current. 

The site too can do with a uplift of making it somewhat pleasing. But
the thought of suggest a change - erm going from today's site to a more
dynamic one - say actually even considering a social media
presence all linked back to NetBSD. Engaging and bringing a new

Though, I bet 90% of the BSD folk reading the para above would have thrown
up slightly at the thought. So any chances, especially ones that make not feel circa 2002, will meet resistance I feel.

Is there a UI group that gives design ideas or drives changes to the


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