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Re: using getent(3) and specifying more arguments after the key?

On Wed, 25 Jun 2014, Christos Zoulas wrote:

> >Okay, one line fix. I will commit if nobody objects.
> >
> >t1:getent$ ./getent gettytab Console junk rw sp      
> >false
> >true
> >300
> I'd follow what sysctl(*) does (default print name=value
> with -n print just value).
> christos
> (*) without extra spaces

I think that is a better idea. But I don't know if worked before (I 
didn't check) and maybe some rely on the documented behavior. Also maybe 
some other system has the same feature to be same as. I didn't see the 
capabilities lookup on Linux getent or Solaris getent though.  If I do 
this change, should I send a "head up" or ask for feedback first for 
default output change?

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