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Re: Create a file with history in sh

> Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 3:34 PM
> From: "Justin Cormack" <>
> To: "Rocky Hotas" <>
> Cc: "Greg Troxel" <>, 
> Subject: Re: Create a file with history in sh
> > - why /bin/sh is intentionally minimalist? Which are its main purposes?
> It is mainly a standards compliant shell for running shell scripts,
> not primarily as an interactive shell, and as a minimal interactive
> shell if the system is in a minimal state (eg in the installer, or if
> something fails), or on very small systems. NetBSD tries to have a
> minimal install that is very small that you then build on.
> > - why do you suggest /bin/sh as default shell for root?
> It is always going to be there as it is part of the base system. bash
> (say) might not be, say if you mess up pkgsrc and break it, then you
> need /bin/sh to recover the situation as root.

So, with a minimal but certainly functioning shell.
Thanks for the answers from you and from the other users.


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