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Re: Create a file with history in sh

Justin Cormack <> writes:

> On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 2:14 PM, Rocky Hotas <> 
> wrote:
>> - do you suggest to seldom use the root account in order to prevent some 
>> system damages, like in the other *nix systems, or for other reasons?
> Yes, it is just the principle of least privilege, only use root when
> you need to.

Agreed.  But even further: in a multi-user environment, logging in as
users and then using sudo leaves logs (yes, the people can break them)
about who was root when, which is useful to figure out who to talk to
whem things are broken.  So even though uid=0 is used sparingly, one can
use "su -m" or sudo to get a uid=0 shell which is not necessarily root's
login shell.

As for better, what people want for interactive use is often different
From the smallest least complicated shell that meets the POSIX spec.  On
an embdedded or tiny system, and for running scripts, people usually
want small and stable, which more or less implies "lacks
beyond-standards features that are not necessary".

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