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Re: NetBSD 6.1.4 on Dell Inspiron 3700

Hi Jan,

On 15-May-2014 18:53:18, Jan Stary wrote:
I am trying to install 6.1.4/i386 on this Dell Inspiron 3700,
without much success. The installer's kernel either stops at
piixide0 and doesn't go any further, or uvm_fault's while
detecting esm0.

Try the technique I used [here][1] of dropping to userconf and disabling various drivers to see if you can get it to boot.

Based on [this web page][2] perhaps try disabling piixide. I assume NetBSD will automagically try some other driver? If it doesn't maybe you can enable another via userconf? Based on [this thread][3] perhaps there are some BIOS settings you can tweak/change that affects the driver used?

Assuming you do eventually get it working you can easily (honestly!) build your own kernel and enable ACPI (for what it's worth; it doesn't bring much to me beyond automatically powering off).

[2]: [3]:

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