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Re: releng: how to follow NetBSD-6 STABLE branch

On 5/14/14, 11:31 AM, Helge Mühlmeier wrote:
On 05/14/14 00:25, Jeff Rizzo wrote:

Yep, it's the "latest stable netbsd-6 branch code", which will eventually become NetBSD 6.2.

If I understand you in right way there is a bug in CVS- Branch of NetBSD-6?

What will happen now?

I'm not certain how to answer your question.

Bugs which are discovered in the netbsd-6 branch and deemed worthy of fixes are fixed in the normal process of "fix in head, pull up to release branches". These fixes get applied to the netbsd-6 branch periodically. If you're concerned about a *specific* bug, any security advisory issued by the NetBSD security-officer will mention whether the netbsd-6 branch is affected, and after which date the problem is fixed.


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