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Re: releng: how to follow NetBSD-6 STABLE branch

On 05/14/14 00:25, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
On 5/13/14, 2:21 PM, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 01:00:55AM +0200, Helge Mühlmeier wrote:

yesterday I checked out netbsd-6 and build a distribution. I read the
NetBSD-Guide Chapter 33 and thought to get a NetBSD-6 STABLE after building
the distribution.

In real I got a NetBSD-6.1 STABLE...

Maybe I haven't realy understood how branches work but I guess I should have
checked out a NetBSD-6.1 branch for a NetBSD-6.1 STABLE system...

Is that a mistake in NetBSD-6 source?

How can I build the latest NetBSD-6 STABLE?
Really there's no such things as NetBSD-6 STABLE, NetBSD-6.1_STABLE
is indeed what's in the netbsd-6 branch (what's in netbsd-6-1 is called

Yep, it's the "latest stable netbsd-6 branch code", which will eventually become NetBSD 6.2.

If I understand you in right way there is a bug in CVS- Branch of NetBSD-6?

What will happen now?


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