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Re: installboot fails - (un)safe to reboot?

On 07/05/14 15:38, Jan Danielsson wrote:
>    installboot: Opening file system `/dev/rsd0a' read-write: Operation
> not permitted
>    Obviously I'd like to know why installboot fails, but more
> importantly I'd like to know if it's safe to reboot in this state (/boot
> updated, but installboot hasn't run)?

   installboot(8) says:

   2.     Use installboot to install the primary bootstrap
          program (usually /usr/mdec/bootxx_FSTYPE) into

          The following platforms do not require this step
          if the primary bootstrap already exists and the
          secondary bootstrap file is just being updated:
          alpha, amd64, amiga, i386, pmax, sparc64, and vax.

   So, I guess I'm alright then.  And next time I'll read the top part
of the manpage as well.

Kind Regards,

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