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Re: How do you build a domain blacklist file on Netbsd?

    From: Ottavio Caruso <> [140427 
    On 27 April 2014 18:36, herbert langhans <> 
    > Maybe a case for ipfilter?
    I can give it a look but I think ip filters blocks by IP not domains.
    > Do you want your local users not to be able to access certain pages or 
    > certain ip-ranges out there cannot access your serve
    No, I only want to block malware sites and annoying tracking website
    when I browse web pages.

Yes, that seems not to work with ipfilter (unless you write a script to
scan all the domain's ip-numbers to gather a list). Ipfilter is very
efficient though and low on ressources.

For the case you use firefox, there is a great plugin -

I use noscript for quite a while and its flexible locking out some redirecting
herb langhans

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