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Re: How do you build a domain blacklist file on Netbsd?

On 27 April 2014 16:32, Eric Haszlakiewicz <> wrote:
> On April 27, 2014 7:04:33 AM EDT, Ottavio Caruso 
> <> wrote:
>>I have a long list of banned domains that I would like to import into
>>the host file.
>>On Linux I had these entries mapped to in /etc/hosts, but
>>this doesn't seem to work on Netbsd.
> That should work the same.  Can you explain a bit more about what exactly 
> doesn't work?
> Eric

I've backed up the original host file and replaced it with this:

But all domains listed are stlil reachable even if I restart
rc.d/network or reboot the  computer.

I've also loaded a similar blacklist file with instead of as first entry, and also rebooted but to no avail.


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