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Re: named illegal instruction on i486

In article <>,
Frank Wille  <> wrote:
>I have some trouble with named(8) after having updated my Soekris Net-4501
>from 5.1.2 to 6.1.4.
>The Soekris is used as a router and has an AMD Elan SC (486-class) CPU.
>When launching the new named it runs into an illegal instruction very
>early and dumps a core into /etc/namedb. In this core file the top three
>functions from the backtrace were:
>atomic_cas_64_ni (libc)
>atomic_add_64_nv (libc)
>isc_stats_increment (libisc)
>The disassembly shows that the CPU fails on executing the instruction
>"lock cmpxchg...", which is only available for Pentium CPUs and higher.
>Any idea what went wrong? Is it a general problem in libc or was named
>built for >=Pentium?

Looks that way (our assembly files are written for >= pentium). Until
that gets fixes, you can turn off NAMED_USE_PTHREADS.


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