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named illegal instruction on i486


I have some trouble with named(8) after having updated my Soekris Net-4501
from 5.1.2 to 6.1.4.

The Soekris is used as a router and has an AMD Elan SC (486-class) CPU.

When launching the new named it runs into an illegal instruction very
early and dumps a core into /etc/namedb. In this core file the top three
functions from the backtrace were:

atomic_cas_64_ni (libc)
atomic_add_64_nv (libc)
isc_stats_increment (libisc)

The disassembly shows that the CPU fails on executing the instruction
"lock cmpxchg...", which is only available for Pentium CPUs and higher.

Any idea what went wrong? Is it a general problem in libc or was named
built for >=Pentium?

Thanks in advance.

Frank Wille

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