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Re: Kernel hang on i386 running 6.1.3

On Sun 20 Apr 2014 at 19:22:36 -0500, Bob Nestor wrote:
> So sorry for the false alarm on hostapd.  The problem appears to be in
> the ath driver with the A3 firmware in the DWL-G520.  Or it may just
> be really crappy firmware in the card itself.

On my amd64 laptop, which has some ath variant, I get freezes too. I
don't even need to use the interface.

It happens after some random time. I can avoid it by either disabling
ath0, or ACPI (strange enough). Since I prefer cabled network anyway, the
choice is abvious which one to disable (but if I take it somewhere, it
would be nice if it worked, of course).

There is no problem witn Linux on the same machine (dual boot).

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