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Re: Kernel hang on i386 running 6.1.3

I was monitoring memory when the system hung and it didn't appear to run out of 
memory.  I've been able to do some more testing and it appears the problem is 
really just my crappy DWL-G520 card.  I've now seen some hangs in all modes so 
I'm now trying to hunt down another PCI wireless card that is supported.  
That's not easy as it appears most manufacturers have moved to a newer set of 
chips that aren't supported in NetBSD drivers (yet).  Between and 
Google I've been able to locate some potential candidates that might be 
available locally though.

So sorry for the false alarm on hostapd.  The problem appears to be in the ath 
driver with the A3 firmware in the DWL-G520.  Or it may just be really crappy 
firmware in the card itself.

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