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Re: Issues with agr interface?

>> Hm, so the MAC address of each member should be set to the MAC
>> address on the agr interface (which seems to be initialized to
>> the MAC address of one of the members -- the first?)?
> Yes, the first.  And none of this will work if the 2nd...nth interfaces
> have any network-layer addresses assigned, which means before joining
> them to the agr you'll need to remove the automatically assigned IPv6
> link-local address.

Yes, I did read the agr(4) man page before trying this :)

My /etc/ifconfig.agr0 contained

agrport bnx1
agrport bnx0
n.n.n.n netmask 0xffffff00

and as far as I can see if I left bnx1 alone at bootup, it didn't
get any IPv6 local address either.


- Håvard

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