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Re: Issues with agr interface?

>> Hm, so the MAC address of each member should be set to the MAC
>> address on the agr interface (which seems to be initialized to
>> the MAC address of one of the members -- the first?)?
> Yes, the first.  And none of this will work if the 2nd...nth interfaces
> have any network-layer addresses assigned, which means before joining
> them to the agr you'll need to remove the automatically assigned IPv6
> link-local address.
> Are you really using NetBSD 1.6.3, as you say above, or is it a typo
> for 6.1.3?  In NetBSD 6 the infrastructure for resetting the interface
> MAC addresses is already there and you can just look at a driver like
> 'wm' to see how it works.  In NetBSD 1.6, though...

Sorry, silly typo on my part.  It's 6.1.3.

I'm certainly known for having some old hardware, but it's quite
a while ago since I last ran 1.6.3 :)


- Håvard

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