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agr modes

Hi there,

I would like some insights and explanations on the aggregate capabilities of the agr(4) device. As I understand it, -link0 (dash) mode does LACP and should be compatible with manageable network switches. Does the link0 (no dash, load-balance with some warning about frame ordering in the manual) works with LACP too? Is this mode also supposed to work with network hardware vendors? In what cases should one use the one or the other? Any of those is not supposed to work with non manageable switches, right?

I tested the default -link0 (dash) mode between two netbsd nodes, and it didn't really work out of the box, I had to manually recreate the interface on one of the nodes to establish the link and ping, even though the '0x3<COLLECTING,DISTRIBUTING>' came right up. Also once the link seemed to be alright, when I physically disconnected *one* of the wires, I lost the connection. So I wasn't very successful with this, could be my mistake though, I should try again. I didn't try to validate the link0 (w/o the dash) the same way, but it seemed to me that I also had to reinitialize the agr0 interface on one of the two nodes to make it work.

On the other hand, as for the link1 mode, I am happily using it on my home network on two netbsd hosts, both connected to a non manageable switches, and everybody -- even the nodes with no aggregates -- pings.


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