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Re: NPF disables itself/instability

Benjamin Kiessling <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently installed a NetBSD (6.1) on my home router
> (alix2d13/i386/VIA ethernet NICs) and I am encountering some weirdness
> with NPF. After booting it disables itself automatically without
> discernible reason, i.e. I run
> # npfctl reload
> # npfctl start
> and after 1-10 seconds the output of npfctl status shows that filtering
> is disabled. After restarting it a few times it stays activated. Kernel
> log and syslog doesn't show anything.  This is my first serious NetBSD
> box and I'm completely at a loss here. 

It sounds like the kernel module auto-unloader is kicking in.  That would
be strange because once the config is loaded and filtering is started NPF
indicates that it should not be unloaded.

Can you check with modstat | grep -i npf ?  Also, what happens if you
manually modload npf, npf_alg_icmp, etc?


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