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NPF disables itself/instability


I've recently installed a NetBSD (6.1) on my home router
(alix2d13/i386/VIA ethernet NICs) and I am encountering some weirdness
with NPF. After booting it disables itself automatically without
discernible reason, i.e. I run

# npfctl reload
# npfctl start

and after 1-10 seconds the output of npfctl status shows that filtering
is disabled. After restarting it a few times it stays activated. Kernel
log and syslog doesn't show anything.  This is my first serious NetBSD
box and I'm completely at a loss here. 


PS: My configuration

map vlan2136 dynamic any -> pass from { } 

group (name "external", interface vlan2136) {
        pass stateful out final all 
        pass stateful in final all 

group (default) {
        pass final on lo0 all 
        pass all 

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