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Just built netbsd-6, can't load new kernel


   I updated my sources a few hours ago, and rebuilt my netbsd-6 system.
I was slightly surprised to see that the same config-file used to build
my previous kernel (2-3 weeks old) yielded a new binary which was in the
order of 1M smaller than the previous kernel. (I have a slimmed down
kernel; it went from 7.9M to 6.9M).

   Anywho, I tried booting the new kernel and it hangs (no panic, no
messages) just after it has loaded the image and is about to execute the
kernel. No kernel output (i.e. green console text) is printed to the screen.

   Because the kernel image size made that sudden jump, I get the
feeling something quite major happened. Did something get modularized in
a way which requires another method of updating? Or did I just get an
unlucky checkout?

   Using NetBSD/amd64.

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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