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Re: discarding oversize frame

    Date:        Thu, 13 Dec 2012 20:18:27 -0800
    From:        George Georgalis <>

  | I'm running 6.0 from an ISO install on VirturalBox with bridged networking.

I have seen the same thing (but usually with NAT rather than bridging,
though I think I did try it both ways).

  | Networking does work but many network operations fail, and there are lots
  | of "wm0: discarding oversize frame" in the logs.

I get this on the remote host (I think it was) - when using wireless
between the two systems.   My solution was to just connect them via
a wired network (not much of a "solution") - I have no real probem
transferring from a regular NetBSD system (native NetBSD) to the
vbox hosted system, but going the other way for anything that's going
to send max sized frames (like, say, scp) doesn't work really at all
over wireless.

I just assumed this was a virtualbox bug, though I suppose it could also
be something odd in the driver (or drivers) - I had vbox emulate both
the wm and pcn interfaces it is capable of, without any different behaviour.

My objective is to mame vbox go away, sometime soon ... (because I want
the windows under it to go away, not really anything related to vbox itself)
so I simply worked around it until it ceases to be important (I hope).

Incidentally, if anyone is interested in getting an amd64 VBOX kernel
config file (supporting all - I think - the hardware vbox can emulate,
except soundblaster audio, which isn't included in amd64's GENERIC,
and I was too lazy to try adding, and nothing else) I can send that.

It ends up about half the size of GENERIC.


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