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Re: Fwd: Unified BSD?

Martin <> writes:

> Sorry forget that last message.
> GNOME was a bad example, but you did in essence you clarify my point. That
> FreeBSD or whichever one you talk about may or may not be using a different
> pkgsrc branch.

At any time there're basically two live branches, trunk and quarterly "release".
Thus you cannot (seriously, that is not for development or for some other
strange reason) use different branches.

> I didn't call any components standardized, i said even if you *were* to
> standardize certain components for all BSDs (related to package management/
> source) you still would have to get around the fact that each of them may
> use a different pkgsrc branch.

No, we wouldn't. Somehow one can easily use one and the same pkgsrc branch
on NetBSD and Linux or NetBSD and Solaris. The difference in both cases
is much larger than that between NetBSD and FreeBSD.

> Otherwise you wouldn't have the current differences in software
> compatibility where FreeBSD has what (28000 packages?) and NetBSD has
> (15000?)

Those numbers don't show much, since there's a lot of historical cruft in there.
You can easily cut unused 4/5 of pkgsrc away, and almost no user will notice.


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