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Re: hosts.deny - get China off my server

The same here - I am adding block rules. I will take a look at the
fail2ban. Its always a thing with the complexity of such solutions. You
start with a simple problem (blocking a range of ip's) and end up with
a monster of binaries, complicated man pages and a whole programming
language for setting up some conditional exceptions and such.

I wonder if ipf can do the trick ...

herb langhans

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 10:57:24PM -0000, David Lord wrote:
> On 27 Apr 2012 at 18:34, herbert langhans wrote:
> > Hi List,
> > before I start these experiments I better ask you.
> > 
> > I have my NetBSD-server with a couple of websites on. Also two Wikis
> > (the well known Mediawiki) running. There are always couple of 'users' -
> > actually some bots or script kiddies what try to open an account there.
> > It is annoying to delete hundreds of these. There are plugins for
> > Mediawiki, but they still require care.
> > 
> > Since many of these requests are from China, I would like to block the
> > whole ip-range. This is possible by adding them to /etc/hosts.deny - but
> > maybe there are some better solutions.
> > 
> > A simple question: What do/would you use to get China off your server?
> > 
> > All ideas welcome. Thanks!
> > herb langhans
> > 
> I don't have this setup yet but "wip/fail2ban" might do 
> what you want. I'm intending to use it with ipfilter but it
> seems to be very configurable so if you don't already use
> ipfilter it might work with hosts.allow (or hosts.deny).
> I've been adding block rules by hand and cleaning out
> after a period but having it automated would be useful.
> David

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